Home from the Lower Mania

Lone Wolf and I ventured to the Lower Mania last week to attend our son’s wedding. Each time I return to the city I lived in for 25 years, the culture shock is more intense. “More” being the key word: more people, more gadgets, more shopping, more cars, more noise.

And everyone is in a hurry.

But on the drive home from YXT last night, one thing was clear: we have more stars.

Source: http://evelyzenunez.deviantart.com/art/Starry-Sky-330179271

Source: http://evelyzenunez.deviantart.com/art/Starry-Sky-330179271



2 Responses to “Home from the Lower Mania”

  1. Nola

    Your stars (yes I do believe they belong solely to you and Lone Wolf) are remarkable. I particularly enjoyed gazing at them as I traversed the slippery path to and from the little house with the warm seat .

  2. commatologist

    The stars you saw were yours. We arranged for them specially to thank you and Nancy for looking after Jake, April, and the chickens while we were at Pete’s wedding down south. Thank you so much!


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