April poetry challenge #2





The photograph above is one of five that will be posted, one each Wednesday during April 2014, in commatology’s April poetry challenge as part of National Poetry Month.

The challenge: Write a poem about (or inspired by) the photograph above and submit it using the comment box at the bottom of the page. You may use your own name or make one up. Don’t worry if you’re “not a poet.” The idea is to have fun.

All entries must be submitted before midnight Pacific time on April 30, 2014.

At 8 a.m. on May 1, 2014, I’ll randomly select one entry. The lucky poet will win a $25 gift package (your choice of five packages) from Brick Books.

Enter as many poems as you like, but make each one original.

Photo credit: Ladyheart, MorgueFile


5 Responses to “April poetry challenge #2”

  1. Judy Jaarsma

    Western Hospitality

    I kind of knew the visitors that I expected
    to come and stay with me out west
    Would likely wear their western gear
    to fit in and be suitably well dressed.

    I wasn’t disappointed to see when they arrived
    That their luggage was the trendy kind,
    Matching well with the theme they choose:
    “Olden Times” was what they had in mind.

    I enjoyed the week of company.
    We were all excited to visit and chat,
    But I was glad when at last they left
    Saying “What’s your hurry? Here’s your hat!”

  2. commatologist

    I get some amazing spam comments. Some of them are almost poetic. See what you think:

    A fantastic quantity of
    even if ladies
    absolutely need
    loads of even more
    than a single
    pertaining to nighttime
    never to point out day placed on.

  3. Anne Chilibeck

    Hi Judy, I really enjoyed reading your poem (Western Hospitality)! It has a charming, tongue-in-cheek quality to it that I could really relate to. I love the way the poem builds to the last line (my favorite), and the subtle contradiction in “What’s your hurry? Here’s your hat!” Thank you for sharing.

  4. Diana Z

    What’s your hurry? Here’s your hat. – love it!! The conflicting emotions of visitors!


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