Exquisite corpse

A few friends joined me this month for an online game of Exquisite Corpse. Here’s how it worked:

I asked each player to send me a list of 5 adjectives and 5 nouns selected at random. I provided verbs. In advance, I used a standard sequence of Adjective Noun Verb Adjective Noun to plot a formula, as follows:

Player1Adj1 Player2Noun1 Verb1 Player3Adj1 Player4Noun1 etc.

As the players sent in their lists, I numbered the words and slotted them into the designated spots.

Here is the elegant result.

Thick Poverty


A stunning void boils the awkward curtains.
Toes shake a willowy leaf.
A graceful beech gathers smooth buttons
while frightful bottles comfort the lucky tide.


Stunning, awkward, graceful, smooth.


A comfortable ice cream stretches her aromatic elbow.
Ruffled friend bends away from the scary gazebo.
Green peacock skims his generous hometown
while a weightless announcer weaves its wiggly mother.


Ice cream, elbow, peacock, hometown.


Heartfelt pebbles graduate to a quiet fencepost.
Distant dancer revokes his scented cabin.
The ancient river whimpers a sunny smile.
Content, the lamb submits to a timely woman.


Distant, scented, contented, timely.


Just then an austere onion deflates the questionable sound.
The melody remembers murky moss.
Romantic thoughts inhale still langorous rumours and
thick poverty is blamed for green fingers.

4 Responses to “Exquisite corpse”

  1. Sarah Fleury

    This is fantastic, Leslie and friends. Thanks for the ongoing inspiration!

  2. commatologist

    Thanks, Sarah. I was quite amazed at how well it turned out.


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