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  1. Judy Jaarsma

    How cool!! The one of April in with all the photographs of the geese made me chuckle. 🙂

  2. Diana Z

    OMG, that is soooo adorable!! Thanks for sharing those baby chicks’ first steps in the big yard!

    I really envy you guys surrounded by all that green nature and animals, especially right now as I sit in my office on the 14th floor wishing I was outside in the sun…out of these office clothes! But, that’s why I read your blog! 🙂

    How are your cat and dog responding to these baby ducks? Are the ducks for eggs or food? Won’t they fly away at some point?


  3. commatologist

    Judy and Diana, April is thoroughly unimpressed! Jake wants to play, of course, and the big geese hiss at him when he threatens the babies – but we’re not convinced the babies are any safer with the big geese!

    Diana, it’s possible they may fly away. We have Canada geese that visit our field across the road, and our two domestics have flown down there to check them out. So far we’ve been able to herd them home. We’ll see how it goes.

    We plan on roasting the odd goose ourselves, although I for one am getting quite attached to them! They’re fascinating, laid back, and quite intelligent. We all (except April) enjoy having them around.

    We’ll see if there’s a market for either geese or eggs. It’s all a big experiment!

  4. Sarah

    I wonder why two gosling beaks are orange and two are black.
    Also, about wordless Wednesday, is that a day of unspoken words at your house?
    And finally, what is the possessive plural or plural possessive of gosling?

  5. commatologist

    Sarah, wordless Wednesday is a blogging thing. The idea is to post pictures without text. Someone probably invented it as a way to create a post without too much effort!

    Good observation about the goslings’ beaks. You’ll notice that those two goslings are more yellow than the others. The orange-beaked yellowish ones will be white when mature and the other two will be gray. The fellow we bought our pair from raises two different breeds, and he gave us a bagful of mixed eggs.

  6. matilda magtree

    Douglas Coupland writes about his experience with a few Canada geese when he was a boy. A really lovely piece [from Souvenir of Canada 2]. I posted an excerpt once upon a time… scroll down to the #4 ‘gift’.

    Your shots are lovely. What an adventure this must be for you! Love the cat’s expression… (:


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