August farm report: Take 2

I tried to get fancy with a photo gallery this morning, but apparently I didn’t know what I was doing, because it was wonky. Let’s blame it on the protracted heat.

Take 2.


Chris is waiting for her mohawk to ripen so she can harvest the oats. In the meantime, the combine needs a few adjustments. Jake’s a big help.


I normally stay away from the vegetable garden in case Chris tries to put me to work, but I visited this morning to take some pictures.


From this angle the garden looks like nothing but potatoes, but this is just one of four blocks, each 50 x 50 feet.


This is an experimental crop of flax. I neglected to take a picture when it was a shimmering sea of blue flowers. Now that it’s gone to seed it’s beautiful in a whole new way.


Water, glorious water!


The geese enjoy the water, too.


Here’s a sample of the August bounty:


These girls are safe for a couple more months.

4 Responses to “August farm report: Take 2”

  1. Judy Jaarsma

    Much better! Take 2 takes the prize! What a wonderful collection of photographs to show so many great “pros” to farming! 🙂

  2. commatologist

    Thanks, Judy. Now you’ve got me thinking about doing a post on the cons of farming!

  3. Diana Z

    That garlic must be amazing!! I fondly remember the last time I had the opportunity to buy organic garlic (as opposed to the grown-in-China variety) and it was so sweet and tasty. I’m definitely jealous.

    Now that we finally have a real backyard, I am looking forward to planning and planting my vegetable and flower gardens next spring. I think I recall that garlic should be planted in the fall, so I need to look into that. Too bad the yard is on the other side of the continent and we won’t be moving there for a while — you surely remember that feeling, Leslie! 🙂

    • commatologist

      I certainly do! It’s like having a shiny new toy that you’re not allowed to play with.

      There is spring and fall garlic, and Chris plants hers in the spring. She seems to have better luck with it than the fall varieties. And she grows hardneck garlic. Margaret at A Way to Garden (do you know that site? it’s wonderful) has some great articles on garlic. Put garlic into her search box and you’ll get the list.


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