File this under things that make editors chuckle

I don’t usually find too much of interest in Torch, my alumni magazine, but the Spring 2017 issue is different. For one thing, Jason Motz (BA in English and Professional Writing, 2011) sent in an update on himself that makes me giggle. Talking about his experiences in UVic’s professional writing program, Motz recalled:

“Susan Boyle opined that I’d never be an editor.”

Motz goes on to list more than a column’s worth of evidence aimed at proving this prediction wrong. He clearly has become an editor, with a career that makes him happy, even if he hasn’t yet become the writer he dreamed he would be. (I sure won’t fault him for that.)

What’s funny is that UVic’s editing prof is the magnificent Susan Doyle, not Boyle, who launched me on my editing career. One of the countless valuable things I learned from Susan was the importance of spelling people’s names correctly.

4 Responses to “File this under things that make editors chuckle”

  1. Diana Z

    Lol! Now that’s funny! Nice touch with the video clip. 😉

  2. Susan Doyle

    Your post gave me such a good laugh, Leslie. It makes the point in the best, and funniest, way possible. Thanks for the kind words and for this indirect introduction to your wonderful blog. Gardening and grammar—what could be better? I hope your business and your garden are thriving!

  3. commatologist

    We’re all thriving here, Susan, thank you: business, garden, pigs, calves, chicks, hens, turkeys, cat, dog, us. It’s a beautiful life, and I’m forever grateful for the role you played in making it possible. I hope your work and garden are bringing you much joy.


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