Summer smoke

Yesterday morning as I set out to walk the dog, the sun was a flaming sphere in the eastern sky.

The steeples of my “church” half-hidden by an ominous haze.

Shandilla mountains upriver obscured.

The sun hurled shadows of itself.


4 Responses to “Summer smoke”

  1. Diana Z

    Wow. Are there any fires burning near your place? We’re following the news from here in New Brunswick and it sounds devastating for many people and communities in BC! Hope you and your house are safe!! xxx

    • commatologist

      We’ve been extremely lucky so far. No fires near us – the closest one is around Granisle. We had about a week of oppressive smoke that I understand was blown up here from the interior by offshore winds. Today it’s clear again, thankfully. I really feel for the people who live where the fires are burning.

  2. theresa

    Very eerie, Leslie. And familiar — we’ve had the haze here too and familiar landmarks were hidden all week. But this morning, well, cloud. Real cloud. And a southwest breeze blowing the smoke away. We’re promised rain tonight. We’ll see. Still, we are so lucky and so many in the province aren’t. Let’s hope for enough rain to make a difference in the Cariboo and elsewhere.


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