Ireland’s best Airbnb

We knew the Airbnb would be fantastic when we saw the ad:

“Cosy relaxing flat above organic grocer.”

“Located in Athlone’s Left Bank cultural and foodie quarter, just a stone’s throw from the oldest pub in Europe, beautiful rustic accommodation above an organic grocery store in a 200 year old building.”

Does Airbnb get better than this?

But wait, there was also this:

And this:

Which led to this:

And this:

That’s John O’Donohue I’m reading, by the way. A book that has just been rereleased with a new foreword by Krista Tippett. Sounds True let me know yesterday that my audio version is in the mail.

The book was part of an intriguingly eclectic book collection stored on shelves made from old church pews. Here is one of my favourites, because of its vintage, the wad of seasoned recipes stuffed inside, and its inscription from one nun to her Sister:

The spacious bathroom with its comfy clawfoot tub held another (tongue-in-cheek) reminder we were in a very Catholic country:

What makes a great Airbnb?

For us: a good shower, a comfortable bed, privacy, character, spaciousness. Plus everything you see in this post.

Close proximity to a pub doesn’t hurt:

(This one was lovely. And just in case the patrons were noisy at closing time, our hosts left earplugs on the bureau in the bedroom.)

A wonderful organic grocery downstairs, owned by the hosts, is a definite bonus. We were gifted with delicious, wholesome breakfast treats, including the best granola I’ve ever tasted.

Did I mention the tin of hand-tied teabags?

But what really makes an Airbnb something special is its hosts:

Lynda and Eddie, you are the best!

12 Responses to “Ireland’s best Airbnb”

  1. carin

    Putting this in my Ireland file. Oh my god it looks divine. Isn’t AirBnB just the best thing? To live in a neighbourhood rather than a hotel… no comparison. And this, with an organic grocer AND pub a mere pebble’s toss away… I’m loving this tour, Leslie!

    • commatologist

      It was divine, Carin, and you would love it. We so enjoyed Airbnb – a new experience for us – and for exactly the reason you’ve just said – the chance to be in a neighbourhood, to meet and chat with local people about their everyday lives and get their suggestions on things to enjoy in that place that are off the beaten track. We stayed in seven in Ireland and only one was a dud. The rest were all very different from each other and lovely in their own way.

  2. Laurie

    You should get a commission. Seriously. Because now all of your readers want to go and stay in this gem!

  3. Paula Digna Beltgens

    Oh what a lovely cozy nest! Your photos are beautiful as well. How wonderful to be reading John O’Donohue in such a place!

    • commatologist

      It really was, Paula, both a cozy nest and a wonderful place for reading John O’Donohue. Fire in the stove, Lyric FM on the radio … heaven.

  4. Diana Z

    Love love love this story in photos! You had me at the woodstove and comfy reading chairs! I feel like I was there. ❤️


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