Laundry day in Athlone

Our backpacks held enough clothes for a week. After three days in Dublin on the heels of two in Drogheda, by Athlone (say it with a lilt: at-LONE) we needed to do some laundry.

Just up the street from Ireland’s best Airbnb was a dry cleaning shop that advertised wash and fold for a euro per pound. What luxury!

The best part of having someone else wash your knickers on vacation is it frees you to explore. Here are a few things we learned about Athlone on laundry day.

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Athlone is divided by the River Shannon.

Two men guard the bridge across the Shannon. At one end is this fellow, Patrick Pearse, poet, writer, and republican revolutionary who was one of the leaders of the Easter Rising in 1916.

It was Pearse who read the proclamation outside the General Post Office, which marked the beginning of the Easter Rising. Ten days later he was executed by firing squad, along with 15 others. These words on his Athlone monument are part of the proclamation.

At the opposite end of the bridge, on the Shannon’s left bank, this chap battles valiantly day and night to keep intruders away from Athlone Castle by fiercely wielding his accordion.

I took his picture from behind because a frontal shot would have obligated us to give him money, and I didn’t want to encourage him. He wasn’t that bad, but the constancy was annoying as hell.

A person always knows what time it is in Athlone, because the bell in the twin clock towers at Saints Peter and Paul, across the street from Athlone Castle, chimes the hour.

Athlone remembers the ladies other towns forgot.

Like the rest of Ireland, its business owners diversify.

(Elsewhere in the country we saw even funnier combinations, like Mary’s Bar and Hardware.)

Not only can you get your shoes repaired in Athlone, you can have your liturgical books restored.

And just a few doors down, you can enjoy a pint of Guinness in Ireland’s oldest pub.

A 200-year-old building in Athlone stands up well.

After 400 years, you can expect some wear and tear.

Even the utility covers on the streets are beautiful.

Its citizens are happy and well fed.

The city’s playgrounds have a strict “no shooting” policy.

Colours are bright.

And Michael Jackson hangs out in the Bastion Gallery, just waiting to be kissed.

6 Responses to “Laundry day in Athlone”

  1. Cyndie Prpich

    What a lovely post of your travels Leslie! I do have to ask if the launderer had to “nip, nip, nip”? I couldn’t help but think of your Dad when reading your story!

    • commatologist

      Oh, you made me laugh, Cyndie! I might have to call Cliff and get him to tell me that story for old times’ sake. I hope you’re having a wonderful time in your holiday paradise. xo

      • Cynthia Prpich

        Glad you got a good laugh, hearing your Dad tell that joke is one of my fondest memories of him. Got home from paradise on Friday, a few days to recover before going back to work Tuesday. Glad there is also a day to recover from the Riders disappointing loss to the Bombers. Thought for sure I was going to see them here in Edmonton on the 25th. Take care, xo.

  2. Lynda McFarland

    Brilliant – I love this! The accordian player is always there, playing the same tune over and over again…..

  3. Diana Z

    You seem to be quite into that kiss — I don’t think Michael saw it coming! Lol, I don’t think that what the sign maker had in mind when they cut the hole. I’m in stitches!!!


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