Limerick: A city for pigeons

A pigeon in Limerick City
Hopped through a café door quickly
The patrons ignored him
Which lit’rally floored him
For he had expected some pity.

No Bleeding Heart Pigeon was he
Nor tumbler, nor racer, just free.
While the rest of his band
Took a nap on the strand
He flocked with humanity.

Ann at our Airbnb told us Limerick is known as the ugly sister of Dublin, Galway and Cork. I suppose I can understand why she gets a bad rap. Limerick is older, quieter, more reserved. She seems to attract more pigeons than tourists.

But for me, that’s a plus.

Maybe it’s because I still had The Cranberries ringing in my ears from the night before when we arrived in their hometown. Or maybe it was Limerick’s wide streets lined with towering trees – trees they don’t necessarily cut down just because they’re dead.

Maybe it’s because, like Athlone, the River Shannon runs through it.

It might be because, in the Medieval Quarter, when they tear down a building for a new development, they sometimes uncover walls from the 15th century, which makes you wonder what else lurks beneath the city’s surface.

Limerick’s historic attractions tend to be a bit more understated than those of her sisters.

Yes, that’s a rock.

But her street art isn’t subtle.

Limerick is a city of interesting juxtapositions.

She dresses up her stone walls.

And cares for her vulnerable citizens.

Maybe what I love most about Limerick, though, is how she thinks.

Pigeons in flight photo by Zac Ong on Unsplash

5 Responses to “Limerick: A city for pigeons”

  1. carin

    More pigeons than tourists? I’m in.

    Also, it looks charming for the very reason that it’s real. I’m never a fan of the tarted up. Am so loving this tour. (Ireland’s one of the few places on my very small Want To Go To list, so this is all such good reference. I think you travel much like we do… enjoying the not-always-obvious.)

  2. theresa

    Like Carin, I am really enjoying these Irish posts. I hope you will thread them together to make an essay, a length of bright and observant days. They meander and sing so sweetly.


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