My Christmas prayer

In my last post I shared my deep resonance with Michael Leunig’s prayer. Today, it being Christmas morning with its promise of birth, I find myself drawn again to the prayer, which resonates in still deeper chambers of my heart.

God be with [my] mother.
As she carried her child[ren] may she carry her soul.
As her child[ren were] born, may she give birth and life and form
to her own, higher truth.
As she nourished and protected her child[ren],
may she nourish and protect her inner life
and her independence.
For her soul shall be her most painful birth,
her most difficult child
and the dearest sister to her other children.

~ Michael Leunig

5 Responses to “My Christmas prayer”

  1. Debbie Meek

    Love the prayer and the photo of your mom, Leslie. To me, the lines on her face signify the pathways through the journey of her life. Each has it’s own story to tell. Blessed they may be.


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