Looking up and looking out

Diane Schuller wrote a post for the new year made all the more beautiful by her amazing photos. Diane stated her wish that we would all print some of our photos this year instead of only storing them on our phones and computers. I decided to take her up on her challenge—not only to print but to take more photos this year, and to look up and out.

On the first morning of 2021 we woke up to fresh snow. I pulled my boots on early so I could be the first in our neighbourhood to make tracks.

Looking out I saw the beautiful barn we built with our kids. Still unfinished, but it makes me so happy.

I love taking its picture from all different angles. We’re planning to get it finished and painted this year.

Eyelash is skeptical. She heard the same resolution last year, and it didn’t come to pass. But last year was the wettest year we’ve had since we arrived. Not a year for painting.

The little milking barn wears the colours the big barn will eventually wear.

Remember when PPE could refer to other kinds of equipment?

LW keeps threatening to cut this clump of birches down, and the road crew lopped off some of its limbs. Apparently it’s in everyone’s way except mine.

And this crow’s.

My walk often takes me to the place I call my church. In all kinds of weather, I love the view upriver

and down.

Sometimes I only have to look out the window to see amazing beauty.

January has been a month of snowfall, snow melt. I love a fresh snow, not least because of the patterns it makes on the trees.

I have a few secret places in the forest. Looking out this day I thought somebody else had found this spot. Click on the photo to enlarge it and see if you don’t think so too.

Home again, where every road leads to the barn.

12 Responses to “Looking up and looking out”

    • commatologist

      Thanks, Diana! We have less than usual, and it’s been fairly mild. Apparently that’s going to change this week, though.

  1. Judy

    What a wonderful collection of photos!! I love them all.
    ~ I, too, spotted that “someone” that you caught a glimpse of with your camera. Made me smile. ?

  2. Diane

    Bless your nature loving heart! This warms my heart more than you could know. I learned some lovely things about you and enjoyed the journey you took us on. I go to a similar ‘church’ and am always in awe at both the view and the insight of what my church has to offer. I see yours is equally as uplifting.


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